Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Almost done with the process...

It looks like there's still some space in the gallery. I'll think about submitting some of my work. It'd be nice to have something hanging in there all throughout next semester, and at the end of next semester I could look at how much of a way I've come since,...then?

I've got one more composition to do! I'm so excited! It looks like a teacher of mine is also going to put our Design 1 books on display in the library. I kinda wanted mine back, but I guess it's good to get my work out there, even if it's not in the gallery ^_^;;

Next semester I'm going to try and look for a place to stay, but the prices of the apartments I've seen so far are waaay out of my range :/

Well, at least school's almost done. I could have a nice little artistic relaxing vacation @_@

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