Sunday, May 28, 2006

3rd week.

I'm getting so tired already. Though, I owe it all to getting my work done when it should be. I'd be much more tired if I was waiting until the last minute like I kept doing the previous terms... heh;

I noticed an old post of mine where I mentioned going to Rome. Well, it turned out that that trip was cancelled due to some legal problems with the school I was going to enroll with. And so, I guess it means I'm going to Anime Expo. :D James' family was very nice to have helped me get a ticket for such an exciting event. All I have to do now is just find a wig so that I may cosplay as Meryl (Metal Gear Solid) and Anna (Silent Hill).

I feel victorious, but unfortunately, I am not happy at all with my artwork. Anime is apparently too much for the world now.

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