Thursday, April 05, 2007


Working on a cyanotype image in printmaking. I kinda wish I did some etching plates instead. I've been feeling very down lately (but no worries, I suppose, since I'll have a wonderful summer break coming up!) and have been sleeping waaaay too much. It's kinda nice to be sleeping so much, since I'm having a lot of interesting dreams. I don't usually get to have dreams on a regular night,,,

Anyway. We'll see how this cyanotype project comes out, and I'll try and post some of my prints I've made onto my deviantart page, so that you could visit my store.

Right now, I'm having a bit of some trouble figuring out what kind of name I should give to my website I'd like to have. rocky-o.com? rockyportfolio.com? rockyart.com? rormsby.com (personally, that sounds a BIT too professional)? polkaquel.com? rockydots.com (I kinda like the way that sounds)? I'd like some more ideas if anyone has any, out there! ^_^

Until next time!

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