Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Out of Town, Back in August

Hello all!

I am so excited! I'm going to be going on a lovely camping trip in Washington. It all starts off in San Diego, where I visit the upcoming Comic Con (Saturday), then I move my way up to Monterey Bay to visit the Aquarium. I'll be in San Francisco too, then I'll end up in Washington where I'll be camping at Olympic National Park.

It's a bugger that I'll be traveling, or at least, I'll be out of town on my birthday, August 6 for those who want to know. :} And so, I'll definitely be back by August 13. Maybe we all could celebrate then? :DFor those of you who haven't yet, visit my website, rocky-o.com, and I'll talk to you all when I get back! Yay for summer!

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