Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back in Black!

Hello all! It's been a while!

The rain forest was absolutely beautiful! I really feel that San Francisco is a very depressing town. And I still am afraid of sunfish.

I'm still on break, trying to enjoy my time off. I'll be entering the term again sometime the second week of September, so stay tuned for more updates! Artwork is slow, but you'll definitely see some development soon!

And before I leave, here are 8 random(?) facts you may or may not know about me:

1) I will be graduating in a year if I do not take time off anymore.
2) My room mates are classmates of mine and I'm the youngest in the house. (Sometimes I feel more responsible than those two)
3) There is a great percentage of Native American in me. I'd rather be called Indian. (Pasqua Yaqui tribe; originated from Mexico, they resided in Arizona)
4) I only own five pairs of shoes: Boots, boots, sandals, skate shoes and dress shoes.
5) Slivers are what I use when I want to impress someone when playing Magic the Gathering.
6) I get motion sick from riding elevators, reading in the car (while driving), and going on roller coasters.
7) I love drawing and painting a lot more than goofing off in Photoshop.
8) And I still am afraid of sunfish.

TAG! You're it!

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