Monday, October 15, 2007

Pasadena Art Walk Weekend

As some of you know, I went to the Pasadena Art Walk and got to sell my artwork at One Colorado. Here's a bit about my experience:

It was FUN! I met sooooo many interesting people, and had a bunch of great conversations, I had fun sitting at my table drawing/chatting/looking at all the people walking by. I found out that people who were selling artwork at the Art Walk were from Art Center and from Pasadena City College. There was music playing throughout the day on stage, and a bunch of great craftwork/paintings to see, if you're into that kinda dealy.

And so, being an entertainment artist is a little hard at these kinda festivals. People tended to want to look at paintings, jewelry, or some ceramic type stuff (jars/cups/sculptures). A lot of people liked my characters and artwork, but didn't really want to purchase prints or what not (this was also hard at Anime Expo, too). And of course, the pins and bookmarks do well as I expect :blah:

(Small tangent on the jewelry there: I found another Art Center student who was from the transportation design department! She was selling these really nicely made acrylic laser cut earrings and necklaces! She gave me a small discount for buying one of her earrings; they were soo neat! Now I can have blue octopus dangling from my ears)

Anyway, I'll probably be doing this again in 6 months when they have this event come back.

~As far as projects go, I'm working hard on this Alice in WonderHELL story concept. I'll be posting up my first layout sometime this week, so you'll get an idea of the environment Alice will be in. :ohnoes:

Stay tuned! And thanks for stopping by!


Pencil sketch: $15-20 and up
Ink: $25 and up
Traditional Media: $30 and up
Digital Painting: $45 and up

Price depends on how many characters and how intricate the background can be. Which basically means, the price is negotiable.

Also add in shipping (around $2.50). If it's pencil, ink, marker, etc, I will send the original drawing. If it's digital, I will send a glossy print.

Art Trades:

After these, I am CLOSED.
-drummer girl

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