Sunday, January 06, 2008

Every day is a fun filled day!

Happy New Year to everyone! :)

I had such a great holiday season. And to kick off the new year, I've been visiting either the LA zoo or the National History museum (thanks to Jeffrey for his members passes) almost every day!

The zoo is such a great and fun place to go, and I keep getting inspired to help save the world by encouraging others to recycle, use less water, and remember that our earth is our only home.

As for the National History museum, I'm constantly amazed at how much information is held within such a building! The dinosaurs, the birds, the marine life, rocks and minerals... it goes on and on! XD Sketching there is quite fun too, since there's soooo many things that you could look at to get some great ideas for.

All in all, I think it's quite funny that I'm drawing either live or dead animals (constantly switching) so far this year. I'll have some sketches up soon ;)

Another fun thing I've done members passes (here we go again) is that I've went to the LACMA a few days back to see the end of the Dali exhibit they've had for a few months. I'm not too much into artwork like that, but JEEZ! It was such a spectacular show! I was very impressed with the collection they've gathered to make such a show! That was a chance of a lifetime, and I'm really glad I got to see it ^_^ The only thing that bugged me, was that near the end, since Jeff and I didn't have too much to eat, we were getting hungry and dizzy; I got so distracted on wanting to leave the show to eat food that I forgot to see the infamous melted clocks. I looked in all the rooms, but I guess it just so happen to be that painting that everyone had their heads in front of. -_- Who knew that it was so small in real life?

Well, one more week to go, and I've got school starting up again. If you're up for some artwork of your own, don't hesitate to drop me a line. I've got time for commissions, and once school starts (if I could afford to finish school??)
I might not have time.

Hope all is well, internet o' mine! Until next time ^_~

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