Saturday, February 09, 2008

3.4 GPA!!! w00t

And so, I'm back from Arizona! And I noticed I never stated that I was away... ^^;

AAAAnyway! I was able to travel all around Arizona: I went to Pheonix to stay with family while the superbowl was going on (it was a full week of activities at the stadium! There even was a gigantic silver football at the front facing the freeway). And shortly after, we traveled down towards Tuscon and went to Rio Rico. It's a small city near Nogales. And Nogales is a border-town sorta like TJ. There's a Nogales, Arizona as well as a Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. :]

In Rio Rico, I was able to paint almost every day! I went hiking looking for scorpions or tarantulas, but I think it was too cold. The weather in Arizona was beautiful and comfortable, unlike California, at the time. I heard it had stormed a bunch here during my absence. At my new house (I live with family in Palmdale now), our gate and roofing sorta fell over due to high winds D:

In a way, I'm glad to be back; since, to me, this is home. But I really am uncomfortable with all the pollution and over-crowded city life.

Well! I'm just glad to be back ^_^

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