Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Body Worlds

If you haven't seen Body Worlds, then now's the time! I guess this is the third time this sort of exhibit has been around, since what I saw was titled "Body Worlds 3" at the California ScienCenter. (It's so much fun having memberships to museums, etc)~

Anyway, Jeff and I weren't allowed to use cameras, so instead, we got to do a lot of drawing! It was the perfect place to want to draw muscles, especially since... that's what they mostly had there. x3

My favorite "piece" was The Archer. I mean, a lot of the body pieces were really well done, and were very lovely. I also really loved the piece with the two people holding each other, I think it was called The Justaposition~

After the exhibit, we got to catch the last imax show: Mummies The Secrets Revealed (IN 3D!!!! 8D). I don't know, is it just me, or is Imax just so goofy? Well, after the science center, we headed to J-town, since we were in LA. If you haven't had ramen from Daikokuya (on 1st street), then you haven't had ramen. My ex-roommate said that Daikokuya has the best ramen in this area of California... ever! And she's from Japan and tends to go out a lot... so I trust her judgement of that place.

And so, Jeff and I ate ourselves full of yummy ramen. What a wonderful day!

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