Friday, April 25, 2008

Eaton Canyon

Yesterday we took a up Eaton Canyon~ It was only about a mile in that we treked, but it was really lots of fun, considering all the wildlife encounters! I mean, I've just never seen tadpoles before, and seeing them swim all around was just too adorable! We reached the end to where there was a waterfall. I felt like I was in a Xena episode or something XD

It wasn't really much of the kind of hike to do some drawing, considering I just wanted to hike (and I feel that if I took my sketchbook, that'd just be too much for me, especially since we didn't bring water or food). I found this picture off of Google, too, just so you could get a quick glimpse of what there was out there~ Hopefully next time I'll get some good pictures to share with you all!

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