Monday, April 14, 2008

Keno and Sylvester

These funnies were of course, around... Sylvester is a fat lazy cat. He was hairy like his mom, but since it's practically summer here in southern California, we decided to shave most of his hair. So it's really short instead. Keno naturally has short hair, and he's such a hyper dog for being 8 years old~ He's like a puppy still, but his age is getting the best of him since he's got arthritis and already has a limp~

I know it's a little odd that I'm going to be typing this (especially if you read the blog entry before this one), but I plan on sharing more of my artwork. What I mean by that too, is that I'll be sharing more often! :D I do a lot of drawing, and though, right now I can't really share most of it since I'm under a contract, I can at least share with you the sketches and other projects I do on the side!

So stay tuned!

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