Monday, April 21, 2008

LA Arboretum!

So Jeffrey and I have a bunch of memberships to a lot of really neat places: California ScienCenter, LA Zoo, LA Arboretum, and the Natural History Musem~ This time, our adventures lead to the LA Arboretum... We went during the evening when a lot of the animals were trying to hunt for food, and were also resting and getting ready for whatever nightfall will bring to the enormous park.

It was really a lot of fun, considering that the squirrels are so used to seeing humans. They kept walking right up to us trying to see if we had food to give them (feeding time?); one of them really startled Jeff since it ran right up to him the moment he crouched down to the ground to pick up something. And since Jeff had no food to give to the little guy, the squirrel just went straight to me to see if I had food since Jeff apparently didn't have any! D: crazy little critters~

I just love observing animals, they can be so funny sometimes! Like, if you notice one of the pictures I drew of these birds.... There was one bird that kept keeping it's wings open, as if it were trying to say "I am your emperor" to the little turtles that were resting nearby... Who knows! x3

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