Sunday, April 13, 2008

Orphan Works Bill--Why artists/writers/filmmakers should copyright their work!

So, I finally realize that I should be more adamant about showcasing my artwork. Though what sorta stopped me from wanting to do so, was finding out about a bill that people are dubbing "Orphan Works" that would make it difficult to keep your artwork.
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And finally, I found out what exactly this Orphan Works is all about, with an article that describes the bill, along with the actual bill itself! Found it on DeviantArt, where I also heard about it in the first place!

And so... I'm not as worried anymore, BUT STILL, it's very very important to copyright your work! It's not expensive, either, since it only costs $45 to copyright artwork (I say artwork since I'm an artist/illustrator), and you can copyright ANY AMMOUNT of work all at the same time! For example, if you have stacks of illustrations you'd like to copyright that you've worked on for the past 6 months, you can copyright ALL OF IT at the same time, and it's only $45. So, it's worth it, to protect your artwork that way.

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