Friday, May 09, 2008

Little Fox

My goodness! I've been busily working on some artwork the past week, and finally I've got some time to myself. I made this little fox girl for my friend, Kathy, who lives on the other side of the world! And she's eating a churro. I was really craving those after Cinco de Mayo passed.

Hopefully next week rocky-o.com will be back up and running. Once that's settled, I'll have a new section opened up with the Man-iac comics so you could check 'em out.

On another note, I'm in this band called Corpse Weaver. We've been practicing whenever we can, considering I live mega far from them (over 100 miles away). We're approaching May 19th fast, where we'll be recording our first song! Unfortunately, Corpse Weaver will be on hiatus over the summer, due to the fact that our guitarist will be out of the COUNTRY. But stay tuned! I'll definitely have something fun to share with you :}

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