Monday, May 05, 2008

Nana's Birthday Bash!

So on Saturday, we had a surprise party for my Nana. It didn't go exactly as planned, seeing as she arrived while we were still trying to set up, but she was still surprised, nonetheless! :D

And to much to everyone's surprise, I was the drummer for our house band. Our band consisted of: My dad on rhythm guitars, my cousin on bass, my uncle on lead guitar/vocals, and of course myself... It was a blast! We played Journey, Johnny Cash, Beatles, and a whole buncha other songs! I think we played for almost an hour??? It was so much fun :] And a lot of my family members know me mostly as being an artist. I was flattered to hear they enjoyed my drumming~

And as promised, I'm posting up some new artwork... I haven't gotten around to scanning the stuff from the party this past weekend, and unfortunately I don't have the links to the pictures from the party just yet... so it's just some stuff from Gaia Online that I like to go crazy over :)

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