Monday, May 12, 2008

Still Offline

Oh phooey, my website isn't up yet... STILL! I already sent the payment, but I suppose Paypal tends to work slow? Or... SOMETHING? I thought this was all supposed to be electronic? >:T Well, it also might turn out that my webhosts are possibly in another country. I have no idea.

Anyway. Since my website is still down, I'm not able to share with y'all the Man-iac comics I've been working on two weeks ago. But not to worry, it'll be up soon!

Once again, if you're curious to know, I haven't uploaded anything new lately because I've been under contract with the people I'm working with. Along with working on comics and characters for writers, I've been busy on my free time working with Corpse Weaver. We have yet to finish our first song... I'm so excited considering I looove the way it sounds! Our first song is going to be called "Necromancy"~ Just you wait, it'll be EPIC XD

And that's not all! I've also decided to work with my friend Trevor on submitting a 3 page comic to The Comic Book Challenge. And that's what this masked guy is... More to report later, so stay tuned! :]

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