Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Once again, I'm going to the zoo for some studies of aminals... We went kinda late so we only had about an hour to do some sketching. This was what I was able to muster...

I got kinda worried near the end, 'cause in one of the monkey cages I was drawing from, I noticed that the monkey was eating SHREDED OFFICE PAPER.


I mean,,,, that's just WRONG! I know it's trees, and the billboard with the animal information stated that this monkey ate leaves and tree bark, and other vegetation, but shreded office paper isn't "vegetation"... DX I mean, the monkey looked kinda happy? I think the squirrel that ran off with his apple traded him the apple for a "box of surprise", and that's just what the monkey ended up getting... SURPRISE!

Right when we left the zoo, we had a bit of time to hit the Norton Simon Museum to grab a free print (Plus, it's free if you're a student), and we grabbed this painting of The Birth of St. John the Baptist painted by Bartolome-Esteban Murillo~

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