Monday, June 09, 2008

Eaton Canyon (second round)!

Baby toads we caught
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Finally! I'm back from Arizona!

I had done sooo much yard work over there to help out my Nana, that it was hard to find some time to post things online, as well as draw for myself! I got back on Friday night, really late. We were so exhausted from all the driving, I figured I'd give out goodies this week.

Once again, I'm sorry for the late posting~

On Sunday I came down to Pasadena, and yesterday, Jeff and I went to Eaton Canyon again. I took pictures this time! We went to the river and caught some toads :] We kept only 4 out of all those toadies you see in the picture... (Oh, and you can go through my photostream to see more pictures)

Today I'm going to be busy with Lotus Johnson characters. And along with The Red Mask, I don't think I can share any of my work until later...

I'll update tomorrow with some drawings! See ya around internet!

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