Friday, June 13, 2008

Hiking in the mountains again...

Today was kind of a slow day. This past week I've been working on some artwork, but alas, I cannot share it with the world just yet.

Well, Jeff and I went back to Eaton Canyon. We took a trail we hadn't before, and it was pretty cool considering you could see all of LA Basin from a different angle (compared to when we went to Griffith Park) :] La looked so small and tiny from where we were.

On our way back, Jeff caught an alligator lizard (he's really good at catching lizards). I think that was one of the most beautiful lizards I've ever seen! It was also really soft and scaly... made me get excited all over again about my Iksar days I had when I used to play on EverQuest.

Not much to say, but next week I'm sure will have more fun fun fun!

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