Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tumble-weeding away~

Still out of state.

Luckily there's internet!

It's hot, it's dry, and there's TONS of work to do! We've gotta clear out this house, and do it quick 'cause we're leaving on Thursday or Friday. There's a dumpster waiting to be filled! @0@

On my spare time, I've sketched out more of these creatures I wanted to make... I like where the mermaid is going, and I think I'll stick with that one. I can't figure out the satyrs though...

OH! So the image up above is supposed to be the Artist's Alley Catalog image that Elsa and I have made together! My character, Anma, is on the right side, while Elsa has Immy representing her. :] I'm so excited!!! Anime Expo is not too far off!

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