Monday, July 28, 2008

Pennys + Train = . . .

Shhh! I might use these artistically SOMEHOW. I remember in jewelry class some people would use the pennies and make copper circles out of them, if you were really really good.

So this whole weekend, I've had a friggin' eye infection. It happened Thursday before I left for San Luis Obispo. It calmed down on Friday, and came back up for the rest of the weekend... until about now, when I'm about to leave. WHY. The weather was nice, save for yesterday, where it was a bit humid. But other than that, I had a ton of fun with my cousin, as usual :] We went walking around a lot in downtown! I loved the shoes at Hep Kat (I want some Betty Page shoes, dangit!) and there were TONS of music, videos, comics, games and cards I wanted at this awesome comic book store--I forgot the name.

I've been working on some artwork too, over the weekend. Everything seems so slow nowadays. I don't want to spoil the surprise for the art trade I'm doing with my friend, so you'll have to wait until Wednesday. It's not like I have time to finish it quite yet anyway... I have 4 hours of traveling to do later on today, so I better get some sleep. See you all around!

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