Monday, July 21, 2008

Zoo fun on Friday...

... and I'm in Irvine... It's Monday :]

It's been an odd weekend... and I'm feeling a little bummed that I can't go to Comic Con this year. I'm really hoping to go next year; since I HAD PLANZ to go this year, but obviously fell through T-T

Oh, and don't ask about what that other image is... I have no idea. I've been doing a lot of scandalous images as of late. O_o; Still working on the Lusty Lady Calendar. It's really hard to figure out who's going to be in what month. I also didn't have in mind to put two gals in one month, but if it has to happen in order to get all the gals I want in the calendar, then so be it? We'll see we'll see...

I'm not sure how liked my inked work is... I'm having fun doing it as of late... I'm really not one for doing colored stuff on the computer :T

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