Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big Red and a 'coon

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Yesterday I was drawing from Hellboy comics. When I first heard of Hellboy, I didn't like it too much--but I saw the movie sometime last year, and ended up liking the story. I finally read one of the graphic novels called "The Corpse and other short stories" and drew from that. I wanna make a short comic of Hellboy fighting a giant toucan, but it seems sorta silly, and I can't think of any story as to why he would fight a giant toucan...

I also played another game yesterday and pulled out "thieving coon". The first drawing is obvious :B and the one from reference is the middle right--the "last" one is the bottom, but I wanted to make up for it by doing another one from reference which is the middle left.

I've been swimming a lot lately, and I'm feeling fit. Well, not really, since I've been waking up with a hurting back and sore arms/legs.

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