Monday, August 18, 2008

Close call~

I didn't want to miss posting today!

So I've been doing more doodles. Nothing that's going to be quite "finished" just yet. So far, within a few days, I've already gone to the beach twice! :] Went down to Hermosa Beach, and then I went to Malibu. Both times were absolutely PERFECT! Lately, the water hasn't been too cold, and it's been wonderful to swim in. I absolutely love Hermosa Beach 'cause it's nice and clean down there. The sand is perfect (unlike Malibu, where sometimes it gets REALLY rocky and the rocks hurt your feet while you swim). But on Sunday when I went to Malibu, it was quite nice, considering there weren't any rocks. The bummer was that the wind was so strong, the waves were crashing kinda funny, and I even got wiped out at one point. I just can't get away from those strong rip tides D:

Today I went swimming at Occidental College. Swimming is one of the best exercises, I'd say.

ABOUT THE PICTURE: The bottom left is the first image I drew of a "gnarled oak". I then drew the top right, drew the top left, and finally the bottom right. I drew the bottom right from reference (yes I did a second reference pic). I chose to do a second one 'cause I didn't think doing a silhouette of a gnarled oak helped out too much.

Since I've been out and about, I've managed to do a sketch exercise for Saturday, but not for Sunday. I did one today, but it was a little goofy and I'd rather not share it.

I'll have something nice for Wednesday :]

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