Monday, August 04, 2008

Drawing Games!

So Jeff and I have been playing these drawing games almost every day. Since he's off on vacation now, I've been trying to keep up with doing these exercises. So the game is, we pick a piece of paper out of a hat that has a bunch of sketching ideas such as: famous people (Washington), objects (5-barrel shotgun) or even animals (moose eating a muffin). The catch is, you do three drawings total. The first drawing is done from your memory. The second drawing is done by using some sort of reference. And the third is done without looking at your reference, using your memory once again.

The first one I got was "Volkswagon Mini Bus". But since Jeff was doing one at the same time (and I'm not good at drawing cars), he picked "Joseph Stalin" and I drew that too.

The second day I picked up "man jumping onto buildings". I cracked up at the idea of a man jumping onto buildings... 'cause wouldn't it be just ONE building, and not two? I mean, is that possible?

Without my blabbling, I drew this small comic of a man jumping onto a building. I ended up not looking up for reference of a guy jumping off a building since it was late and I was pretty happy with where I took this idea. (Probably shouldn't be doing that...)

The next day, I picked up "armadillo in the desert" :] The bottom images were morely doodles rather than thinking of something thoughtful to draw after looking at "nine-banded armadillo" reference.

And on Sunday (which is technically still today for me), I travelled down to Carlsbad to visit a friend of mine for two days. I forgot this bag filled with ideas written on paper, so I had to improvise: my friend chose something for me to draw, and I chose something for him to draw. He told me to draw an octopus playing a guitar, and I asked him to draw Mimi and Nyami (characters from Pop'n Music). I had so much fun drawing these octopus! The one playing the guitar is what I did from memory and the second one is through reference. I didn't draw a third octopus. Oh phooey.

This image here to the left is what my friend drew for me ^_^

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