Saturday, September 06, 2008

After one week...

I come back with stories to tell!

First off: My mother and I went to Fortuna, CA to pick up my good brother, who has decided to go back to school after working for the California Conservation Corps for 2 years. Northern California was so beautiful, as usual... Too bad we couldn't stay more than 3 days (that includes the 2 days of travelling). We went to a few really neat tourist attractions: The Loleta Cheese factory, Victorian Ferndale (where they have an AWESOME graveyard with gravestones that read as far back as the 1800's!!!), drove through Avenue of the Giants, and we even went hiking in the Humbolt State Park. My brother taught me some of his forest knowledge, so now I know what poison oak looks like when it's in the sun, in the shade, and on trees (who knew how adaptable it is).

Also: I'm back to school! So far I have 3 registered studio classes, but I'm wanting to take 2 more academics if possible. And yes, I have a Saturday class. Technically class already started, but barely anyone is in this room right now, including the teacher!

I'll mention more on the classes later, considering my schedule is so haywire right now. . .

Other than that, artwork has been a little slow, due to all that's going on right now. I'm not even sure where I'd be living, considering I sorta live at my dad's house, and sorta live at my mom's house--and both are REALLY far from school. I'd hate to commute in the mornings before class starts. D:

Well, I think that's it, internet of mine!