Sunday, October 05, 2008

Altered Oceans

I'm taking 5 classes: 2D Animation, Background Painting, Style, Entertainment Design, and Oceanography.

My school mate, Elsa, shares the same kind of concerns for the world (whether it be animals, or the environment). And after taking Oceanography, I've learned TONS about what us humans do to the world, and have been doing to the world for the past 50 or so years.

If you've got the time to read some material that will make you GASP (I've gasped out loud at least 5 times, startling my family), but also LEARN... then you should read Ken Weiss's articles (5 articles) called Altered Oceans.

- The first article talks about bacteria that's killing lots of fish in other areas, and making jellyfish counts rise. Even something such as the Japanese Nomurai.

- The second article gives very interesting facts of the red tide and how it affects larger mammals related to humans, such as sea lions. (This article made me cry)

- Part three talks about how the red tide affects a lot of coastal areas down in Missouri or Georgia. People have been getting horribly sick!

- Ever heard of the Eastern Garbage Patch?


It's things like this that drive me forward as an artist, and want to make a difference. I know that one person is not enough, but TOGETHER, we can definitely make a difference!!!

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grayvn said...

Heey sweet, wherever have you been?
I guess busy with RL stuff. Hm, hope to see your around soon!

Also: Save the earth - It's the only planet with chocolate!