Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fall is here!

I really hope you all voted on November 4th... Even if you don't believe that your vote wouldn't prove too much of a decision when it comes to electing a president, it's the propositions for your state that really make your vote count! And while I divulge into this... If you are a Californian who knows about the Proposition 8 business that's going on right now, please take the time to read the Proposition 8 repeal petition. I'm asking you to read this as a Californian who either voted yes or no. Reading this would help better understand what's going on. Thank you!

It's been a while since I've updated my website. Today I took the time to upload some very recent artwork I've been working on, since I'm back in school :) I hope you take the time to check out some artwork too!

One of my project for class, I'm working on an animation that deals with a character from an online comic, Skadi. I made a character, Roki, to "fight" her that's going to be shown in a constant loop of defeat.

To continue with the amazonian theme, I even dressed up for Halloween as an amazon! I wish I had some pictures to show right now, but perhaps in the future I'll have some fun reference-like pictures (I want to go to Eaton Canyon to take some epic amazonian shots) hehehe

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grayvn said...

Heeey, an update! Yay!

The new artworks are stunning! They got a great look & feel to them.

Also I just read Skadi and it's real fun, so I added it to the other webcomics I read regularly. Roki seems like a good response to Skadi. I'm looking forward to those two meeting!

Two things about your homepage though:

1) I would really like to see a "new" button or something to indicate content that has been added since the last update.

2) the link to the commisioned comics doesn't work!