Sunday, December 07, 2008

Beautiful December!

I'm so happy that it's December. But this year, I don't feel as festive. I just want this holiday season to go away so I could just keep to myself for once and grow and prosper away from family and friends and come back even better than before. But I'm sure things'll change--I do love spending time with my brother :]

Anyway, things are hectic! Right before Thanksgiving, I lost my USB drive with two of my finals I was working on. People tend to steal the USBs if you left 'em in the labs, and I don't blame 'em! Just goes to show that you MUST BACKUP ALL WORK! Luckily, I still have one of my files uploaded already on DeviantArt... Though I thought I was having some trouble with the colors..... Hmm we'll see.

Right now I'm working on a painting that's based off the style of Kay Nielsen. Lovely work he's got; I'm just having a hard time working with ink washes... I also learned from a fellow classmate that the small hole on the pen nib has to be free from ink! It'll keep the pen flowing nicer. I totally believe in the idea that you learn something new everyday :)

The image I posted is just a quick doodle I worked on today. At the end of the term, I'll update ya'll with the work I did this semester! I can't wait for Winter Break!!!!!!!

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