Sunday, March 15, 2009


I'm in a new band! It's called Heroes&Bandits featuring:
-Krissana on vocals and acoustic guitar
-Jeffrey on electric guitar
-Rocky on drums

We're actually playing a show on April 3rd at an Irish Pub called Liams (located in Colton). Right now I don't have all the details, but they will be coming soon.

As for new artwork, I'm making a comic based off of the band, Heroes&Bandits! The comic will carry the same title, and can be found online sometime in May, and probably in our "first album" when that gets done. :]

The story is about Krissy: cowgirl by day, showgirl by night. Rahkhi and her band of amazons are found on her range one day, camping in their teepees. Krissy is fascinated by the newcomers and gladly shares her land with them.

Cavelier is the evil cowboy who falls in love with Rahkhi, and steals her away so that he can make her become his wife. He challenges Krissy to a duel to the death at dawn, where instead of "guns", they battle with their musical instruments.

In the end, all three ride off into the sunset to create a band... just HOW this all happens will be revealed in the comic! So stay tuned!

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