Monday, March 09, 2009

Xena: Warrior Princess Finals!

Midterms just passed, and I figured I'd share my Xena: Warrior Princess project. I re-did all the characters, and illustrated the episode, Callisto. I had to change the story around a little bit, and excluded Joxer since he wasn't quite a major character in the Xena storyline, at this point (even though he is introduced in this episode, I still didn't feel like his role was strong enough).

I learned TONS from this project. It was very hard, but at the same time, very fun, since I learned more about drawing and painting than I had known before! The weapon props were the hardest for me, since I've never really designed anything like that before. It opened a new part of my thought-process I'll definitely use again in the future.

My favorite parts of this project were Argo and Callisto. I really liked how they turned out, since I hadn't any ideas at the time, where this project was going (Xena and Gabrielle were a little pre-planned from the start).

Anyway, enjoy what I have to share!

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