Friday, May 22, 2009

Keeping up with the times

Hey all!

Lots of opportunities have been opening up for me lately. I'm really hoping to work with Disney Consumer Products, learning and creating Disney characters (mostly females, and perhaps some animals, too)!! The internship is a 6 month long program that starts in August.

But with the hard times, I understand if I wouldn't be offered one due to "these times". Really, so many animation studios are closing down, and the ones that are open, aren't hiring :( Of course, it's just not the animation industry... Even one of the radio stations I listen to, Moving 93.9 is signed off!

But to keep my hopes up for the future, I've been drawing drawing drawing! :] I'm even working on a personal comic that I don't want to reveal just yet... It's still in the very rough stages.

OH! On another note, yesterday night, I went to see Gogol Bordello. They're a gypsy punk band, that had AWESOME stage presence. It was such a great night, and reminds me how much more I want to keep up with my musical side. :]

Anyway, onto the DRAWINGS!!!

Don't forget to check out my website, rocky-o.com for more artwork! I just updated it with tons of new artwork in the original artwork section, as well as the animals section :)

1 comment:

LFW said...

I really like these, all for different reasons.

The first gal is super cute, and I like your older toph, and ivy and harley look super happy with their new-found fame.

I know what you mean by "these times" these times really suck right now, but if I were in charge you would definitely be getting an internship at the disney place

good luck and cheers for the good work you do and also for commenting on my blog