Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Anime Expo 2009 is here! Check me and my friends out at our Artist Alley table located in the Exhibit Hall:


Me, Alejandro Lee, Candice Lee, and Janet Kim will be located at Row E, table 21. If you look at the map, we're practically on the complete opposite end of where the entrance to the Exhibit Hall is (we're up against the wall). And yes, we'll be there all four days!

~ Limited Edition Prints (matted and "framed")
~ Pins
~ Bookmarks
*FREE postcards!!!

~ Prints
~ Comics
*He will even have an animation available for viewing!!!

~ Prints
~ Rub-on Tattoos

~ Figurines
~ Miniature paintings (that also glow in the dark!)

Get your ticket to Anime Expo 2009, and we'll see you there! :]

jandruff - Janet Kim
47ness - Alejandro Lee

Other fine chaps that will be there:
thenumber42 - C04 and C05
kumagoroPOWER - A25
samurai-bebop - A55
Linda Chung - C54


LFW said...

yo miz rocky-o, all of your drawings a super sweet!

I hope you had a good time at at the anime expo and sold lots of cool stuff (and bought some crazy crap as well with your profits, lol).

cheers to you and your work


KáD said...

Hey Rocky! It was great to see you again at AX! Thanks for the art trade, I love your Amazons. :)

Anonymous said...

Rocky~~~~ We must art trade <3 what do you want me to draw? I got a lot of commissions on hentai but i can draw non-hentai stuff too lol!!