Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A while back, I never got to upload the drawings I did while I was at the Pasadena Open+Design Market! How silly of me ;_; So here are just a few of the many drawings I did that day :) I had a TON of fun doing little cartoony caricatures of the awesome visitors there!!

Also, I'm doing a small Cartoon Network promotion, that a friend of a friend is hiring my services for.... Here are a few sketches I did to warm up!

I've never seen Dexter's Laboratory before, but doing these sketches makes me interested in the fun that the characters have to offer!!!!


Next week, the LA Zoo has an event called Music at the LA Zoo. I'm already an LA Zoo member, so I might stop by! Still mulling it over, since tickets cost $12.50 (member price).

Either way, lots of fun is happening this week, and I'll keep ya'll posted!!

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