Thursday, August 27, 2009

Post Amar Fest

August 21-22 was a successful two-day festival hosted by The Chac and Amar Collective, called Amar Fest. I sold a few crocheted kittens and other animals to help support Amar in creating an Art+Music Hub in downtown LA, in skid row. Visit my Meowkernaut Adoption page to purchase one of your very own Meowkernauts! There will be another festival happening in September as well! Stay tuned for more exciting information :]

Also, check out the first issue of PxlDust Magazine, where I've got a two-page feature! Don't forget to buy a poster, if you can't purchase a magazine copy!

Other than that, I'm catching up on a lot of scanning I must do. It's hard living without a computer~ I'll have one soon though! I've got to build it this weekend, and hopefully things will get back to normal. ;)

I'm also going back to school, so that I can avoid those pesky student loans D: I'll be attending PCC. Hopefully taking Japanese, Spanish and Motion Design. We'll see though; it's hard to get classes added if you hadn't gone to the school prior @___@; Or so it seems.

Not to worry! I'll show ya'll some scans soon! Stay tuned :D

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