Monday, November 16, 2009

Salt & Paper

Over the summer, I was able to master creating cookies--start to finish--within 40 MINUTES! Behold, some of my creations:

Mostly 'normal' chocolate chip cookies: Some have walnuts, orange juice, cinnamon and white chocolate in 'em~

Hermits: Figs, walnuts, chocolate chips, oatmeal, agave nectar and cinamon!

To follow this theme, Miguel and I are working on a company called Salt & Paper Studio. I'm very excited, since we are taking some great first steps. Here is a peep of what we are working on...

I'm quite excited for our next project... All I can say is: FLYING CATS!!


On another note, I'm working on more Meowkernauts to adopt~ I'll have more during Thanksgiving, just in time for the holidays! Stay tuned :D

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