Monday, November 30, 2009

Up and coming EVENTS!

Just thought I'd give another friendly reminder about the Viernes de Pelicula happening at the Eastside Cafe in El Sereno, this FRIDAY! There are only two more showings left. This Friday, we're showing The Garden. After the screening, there will be a discussion about the film. I'm looking forward to it ;D

Also, this Saturday there will be a Sustainable Art Show at the Tribal Cafe near Downtown LA~ I'm working hard to finish pieces that I'm making out of plastic bags. I'm quite excited for this show, since sustainability is what Art Center had been pushing on us designers (it seemed, even more so during my last semester). I really feel impacted after learning what a few harmless looking objects in large numbers can do to our environment... I'm trying to create artwork that will hopefully entertain, yet give people insight to what we can do in order to continue creating or recycling to save and love our beautiful and only planet.

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