Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inspiring articles I think everyone must read!!

I have so much fun reading the weekly Etsy articles that come out every Tuesday. A while back, they posted up four MUST-READ articles involving entrepreneurship and small business. Here is the list of articles. I found that Should You Be an Entrepreneur? was very inspiring... And I love the tips that 4 Things Your Outgoing Orders Should Contain had to say. (I always loved looking at those thoughtful invoice receipts)

It all started by checking a LinkedIn email. I'm in the 2D&3D Illustrators group, and this article, 15 Places to sell your work online had me going. Not to mention this other article, How do you make money as an artist?, really had me going with what users mentioned in the comments section!

Just thought I'd share some wonderful articles with you! Check them out if you get a chance!!!! :]

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