Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day Cuties!

Not to worry. That bloody heart is a gluten-free cake with some dashes of lemon extract, and decorated with cherry halves. It's a lot tastier than

Since Miguel and I sort of have a ton of plans for the weekend, we decided to celebrate Valentines Day a lot earlier! We went out to eat some yummy Mexican seafood by Lake Mission Viejo at a restaurant called Tortilla Flats. Yay for Groupon! Beforehand, we went to the estuary down in Bolsa Chica. At this time of the year, we saw a TON of species of birds. Very colorful and excited to eat whatever was in the water. But since it was 61* and WINDY... the sun's warmth didn't do enough, and we had to leave early.

Since I love to do crochet, I found on a blog (here is the flicker account of the Cuties Cozy). I wanted to re-do this 'Cuties Cozy' and made two different Valentines Day themed cozies for cuties! I love how the sticker says "Give your sweetie a Cutie"

Here's the first design I tried.

I was going to post these up on Etsy, but I think it's a little too late, considering I JUST got the images from my camera onto the computer!!! Oh well, for now.


Jennifer Cuellar said...

Ohhh, those are so cute! Your cake looks pretty awesome, too. :D Happy to hear you had a great Valentine's Day already! (:

0becomingX said...

Oh rocky, how i miss our good pokemon battles. you are so cute!!!! happy valentines girl. <3 i'm so glad you have a blog so i can stalk you on here too!!!!