Friday, March 26, 2010

Creature Feature!

As I sit here typing away at 2AM... I can't wait! I'm just too excited! I finally FINALLY finished this commission my friend asked for... Ryo Ohki, the Easter basket!

For those of you who don't know, this is what Ryo Ohki looks like:

She's a cute "Cabbit" from the anime series, Tenshi Muyo! I'm just so happy about how it came out. I had to re-do a lot of the parts for this basket, and wanted to call it quits. But having eyes that just didn't look right... I had to do it over just once more to get it down perfectly! And there you have it.... A fuzz bucket!

Now, it's onto making some other amigurumi creations of sorts. I do have a TON of orange yarn. . . .


I'm gearing up for the Art Market, as well as some Anime Conventions coming up. Fanime, and Anime Expo are around the corner, and I want to draw out SOME comic... I have 2 in mind. One is definitely an on-going series, while the other one, I'd like to keep under 24 pages :) The 24 page story probably wouldn't fit in with the kind of crowd that goes to these conventions, though. . .

Anyway, here's some merchandise ideas I had for this year. (Doodled this up on Wednesday) Mythical creatures!

Sphinx, Naga, Satyr, Mermaid! And who knows what else!!!


Fun and Fang said...

Oh man, these are great, you have got a great blog! I absolutely love it!

Jihye Lee said...

ASDKLGNAR This is SOOO cute!!! Loved Tenchi Muyo way back when! Ilu Miss Rocky!!! <3

Thea said...

The basket's super cute!! I like the little hairs sticking out of his ears.

Nevita said...

I am from Besteam and I will feature your shop this week, but I couldn't find the link to your shop.
Please contact me.


Rocky O said...

AW~!! Thanks everyone for taking a gander! Gotta keep creating more :)