Thursday, March 18, 2010

Old Sketchbooks...

Looking through my old stash, I found some fun drawings! And also found out that in my senior term, I blazed through 3 sketchbooks, easily! :o What a crazy ride that was... And to my surprise, I didn't realize how much I liked to draw sexy women

On a side note... Is this content considered mature? I might need to change my blog in the future. . .

While perusing the internet, I found an awesome advertisement made in Belgium. Talk about YARN BOMBING!

really liking the orange Lion Brand Yarn I got

As for me crochet-wise, I've got some new yarn from some lovely swaps last month. I'm really liking the orange Lion Brand Yarn I got. I just don't quite know what to create with sport weight yarn. I've always wanted some, too! I've got 3 skeins of the same color, but don't really know what to create? This tends to happen (me receiving tons of yarn), so maybe some project down the line I'll figure out exactly what it'll work for!

Finished a new pair of gloves the other day, too. Unfortunately, my camera isn't working so it'll be a while until I can post up new things on my Etsy store. . .

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