Sunday, April 18, 2010

German Chocolate Love

Warning! Super long post with lots and lots o' pictures!!! - Just trying to catch up on the past few days with no new posts.


I finally got my package from my swap partner (super late for a March swap, huh?) Ropetrix on Ravelry.com sent me some AWESOME things from Germany!

Man, DO I LOVE RITTER SPORT! <3 But besides German chocolate, here's my favorite part!

A turtle dove! Haha, get it? The theme was "hybrid animals". I sent her a polar bear you might remember me posting a while back.. I added wings, though, to fit the hybrid theme.


A very small ammount of you readers may know that I own quails! I thought I'd spend some time to actually share what our backyard is looking like right now...

Aren't my little "pea peas" so cute? :] I love calling them that! hehe~ As for these strawberries, my were they delicious!

So, the strawberries are located here...

We're running out of space under the lemon tree. The gardeners were giving suggestions, and what it boils down to, is that this beautiful little area is going to be cleared out soon! At least I'll keep my strawberries put... All the other plants (tomatoes, onions, lettuce, fennel, yams, chard, etc) will probably be transplanted to our other garden in Milagro Alegro.


Back to my love of yarn!

Look at what I've been collecting over the past 2 weeks. . .

I'm thinking of making a vest with a turtleneck collar. . . Here, it's better to show my drawings I had in mind:

I have nowhere NEAR the ammount of yarn for my original itent... so I think I'm going to go for something more like the idea next to it on the left. I'm so stoked!

And so... I should run off and do these ideas before I start posting more and more and more... and more...


Elsa said...

All those goodies make me hungry!
I love your little yarn creations~~~
Q-quails??? how'd you get a hold of those? Do they lay eggs for you?
I'd love to get into gardening someday. Maybe after I graduate I can help my mom build our dream garden haha.
I like the south-west style turtle neck designs
the original big comfy sweater looks good too C:

Rocky O said...

Aw you're so sweet Elsa! ^_^

I got the quails off of Craigslist.. we hadto go to Hacienda Heights to get 'em!!! And yes, gardening takes up a lot of time.. especially since we're really trying to get as much as we can out of the earth and the plants themselves. It's nice when the soil is super awesome (yay for compost!!!)

I super want to make a big wool sweater, but I need over 900 yards.. which is somewhere about 10 skeins of the same color! Crocheting takes up 30% more than knitting does, so I definitely need more... urg. I wish I had more money to buy the lovely handspun yarn out there :D

What kind of dream garden did you have in mind?