Friday, April 16, 2010

giveaway: ♥elycia

Noo, I'm not holding the giveaway, but you can view more about the LoveElycia giveaway here!

Here is more about LoveElycia:
Hi I'm elycia. I am a girl who lives in a basement. I have 1 boyfriend and 2 cats. I love being creative.

My indie business journey starts In 2008 when I took the knitting skills I learned from my grama as a little girl and started making knit and felted purses decorated with cute felt designs. I always signed my gifts ♥elycia so I thought it would be a cute business name. It was like I was giving people little gifts made with love.

In late 2009 I made myself a headband...and then another one...and another one. Pretty soon I had way too many headbands with ideas for more floating around in my head. After some thought I decided to reopen my etsy shop and now I love making and sharing my little creations with everyone.

I love drawing so I have been making myself some 'helpers', the girls who represent my headbands. Each type of headband is associated with a unique girl who has a cute personality and story. I am super excited about my future plans to expand into different products involving my girls, stay tuned!

I have developed a love of blogging and I really enjoy sharing my journey with everyone. Thanks so much to anyone who is interested and I hope to see you all again soon!

LoveElycia is also a bud of mine I found through Boosting Etsy Street Team :] You can also find her on Twitter and on Facebook.

Have fun, and good luck joining in this awesome giveaway hosted by the snazzy My Girl Thursday!

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