Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Projects and Listings

During the last part of the weekend, I had a burst of energy and started creating some new projects, and finishing some of my old ones.

Handmade  Pink/Blue Bikini Set (SM)
Pink and Blue Crocheted Bikini - Click the picture to view more Crocheted goodies at my the Meowkernaut Etsy store!

And here's a peek at this fun new project. . .

Crocheted chess pieces!

I going to make this a whole set of black and white pieces, along with a board for travel-light fun! As expected, this is taking a little longer than I hoped; but I'm getting LOTS done in just the past two days.

Well, back to work! Enjoy the rain (well, here in SoCal), and stay warm and dry :]


Anonymous said...

Great job! You are so very talented. I must have that chess set!

Kingsley said...

Awesome! Love the chess set!