Friday, April 30, 2010

Post Earth Day Celebration

I never got to mention what fun I had on Earth Day...

On Earth Day, I spent most of my time outside (yes, it rained too). We were transplanting a bunch of veggies from our backyard into the plot we have at the Milagro Alegro Garden.



Notice how we still have tons of lettuce and fennel! Arg; I love the idea of more plants, we just need to figure out WHERE to put them!

Here's another before-shot. There were lots of plants needing to be transplanted. Luckily we have all those pots!

Tiny little tomatoes

You can't tell much of a difference, but I took out as much as I can so that the lemon tree can grow better. We still have much work to do :/

Off to Milagro!


Above is a photo of a bunch of squash that decided to start growing.

Arg! Weeds that were trying to pass off as carrots. Man, it was huge!

Isn't it wonderful? Tending to plants, working the land, harvesting goods you know are safe... and to top it all off, you did the hard work yourself! ;)

It feels SUPER good to do this. I absolutely LOVE this "hobby" of mine!

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K said...

Purple carrots!! Yum!