Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly Etsy Botique Feature: Waterwaif

I love finding other creatives on Etsy who not only create merchandise,,, but also create ARTWORK!!! Check out this Etsian - Waterwaif's paintings and jewelry! Here are a few of my favorites:

Drops of  Aqua Copper Cluster Earrings
Drops of Aqua Cluster Earrings - She made these just YESTERDAY! Isn't that amazing? I love the subtle play of blue and orange.

Songbird  Birds Blue Opal Crystal Charm Bracelet
Blue Opal Crystal Charm Bracelet - She only has a FEW bracelets beautiful crafted such as this one!! I think these are some of her strongest pieces :)

Turquoise  and Red Love Birds Cardinals Original Acrylic Painting 11x14
Turquoise and Red Love Bird Cardinals - Aww, I wish I could see more paintings by her! But as an artist, I understand it takes times for these things hehe~ But like the bracelets, there are only a FEW listed, so grabbing one would be ideal ;)

Carnelian  Freshwater Pearls Drops Earrings
Carnelian Freshwater Pearldrop Earrings - Pearls! Need I say more?

Hot Pink  Chalcedony 14k Gold Pendant Necklace
Hot Pink Chalcedony Gold Pendant - This looks good enough to EAT! <3

Besides Waterwaif's Etsy shop, find Waterwaif at these other fine links:
Waterwaif Blog - She even holds valuable sales information! A must-follow! Don't forget Twitter and Facebook!


Nina said...

Waterwaif's jewelry is beautiful! The colors she uses reflect her shop name!

waterwaif said...

Thanks for such an awesome feature!

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous jewelry!

MissBohemia said...

A great blog feature & I love Waterwaif's jewellery & creations!