Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Weekly Etsy Botique Feature: UniqueDesignsbyMsP

Don't be fooled by the small inventory this shop holds... There are great treasures to be found ;) Here are a few of my favorites from UniqueDesignsbyMsP:

Mother's  Bracelet (Blue Zircon-December)

Mother's Bracelet (Zircon/Dec) - Don't let the month fool you! I've always believed that stones had magical energy, and even if they belong to someone else's birth month, doesn't take away at energy or the beauty it holds! :)

A Taste of  Berry
A Taste of Berry - The title makes me hungry! These are super colorful and run all the way up to the elbow!

Heaven and  Earth
Heaven and Earth - Don't you love the colors!? :]

Mother's  Bracelet (Ruby-July)
Mother's Bracelet (Ruby/July) - Another great find, just in time for Mother's Day! :)

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JujuBee Jewelry Designs said...

I love the "no finger" gloves! They're so bright and cheerful.