Friday, July 09, 2010

Post-Anime Expo Experience

Holy sheez! I had such a roller coaster ride this past weekend at Anime Expo 2010. @w@

This year, I shared a table with Alejandro Lee (http://47ness.deviantart.com/) and Julie Valentine (http://serikaarenai.deviantart.com/)

Honestly, I don't know what to think. compared to last year, the prices have risen quite a bit. I had to pay the amount that was full price at the door for last year (which was $60 for a 4 day ticket), when normally at the time that I paid, it would have been around $35. :( Also, on the forums, I noticed the staff was trying to point out that there were possibilities of having less/more artists, smaller/larger tables next year. Though, based on the new rules this year, seems like things might go for the worse for artists next year.

Day 1

Off to a great start! Our setup was much better and snazzier than Fanime, and right off the bat, we can tell that people noticed our booth and were flocking over. We handed out some lovely fliers and met some lovely faces. It had to have been around noontime, when the rush came. I remember two separate people came up to the booth asking about our comics. I handed comics out, what I thought was in a *clear voice*: "Please look through these. Ask me if you have any questions :)" The first gal looked through and handed back the comic. The second person was still flipping through, so I decided to go back to what I was doing (which was a commission at the time). About two seconds later, I look up, and realize the second person was GONE and wasn't anywhere in the vicinity. Alejandro was just getting back from his break. I told him what happened, and like a dummy, realized I should have gone after said person.

Did they REALLY steal my comic? Or did they misunderstand me?! I mean, jeez, I told them to look through, not to take it for free D:<

I couldn't find the person, and alas, I had a loss.


Shortly after, I saw Elsa (http://blithegirl.deviantart.com/) and felt bad for being so angsty about someone stealing my shiz. Went to security, notified them, and really couldn't do much more. The con was SUPER BUSY for being a first day. I did more commissions for the day, and all was OK.

Day 2

Wow. What a day. I started off, not having all the stickers printed for a friend's booth (we were doing a scavenger hunt. Collect all the stickers on this sheet! There were four stickers). And I had to go to AJ's house and print stuff through his printer (my printer had no ink). Wow, last minute, much!?!?!?

Went to the house to pick up the office depot discount card,.. Went to office depot and bought CYAN. Went home, and realized "I BOUGHT THE WRONG ONE" aughhh, so I went back and wanted to trade for PHOTO CYAN. . . They were out of stock. auughghghg, so I went to ANOTHER office depot, and all was well.

I went back home, did the printing, and also finished up the commission I had leftover from the day before! *w* scanned it in, and had all my prints, and went off to the con. I think I started this whole process at 9AM. And being tired from the day before, I didn't really get to the convention until about 1PM. I handed off the stickers, and more fliers for everyone. Yay!

Yay times two, since our next door table people decided to take Friday off. So I was able to spread my comics out and grab more peoples' attention to our booth! Got another commission that day, so while I was doodling said artwork.... I look up and a whole stack of my comics DISAPPEARED.

Why would people choose to do this to me!? Honestly! ;__;

This was too much. angst angst angst, why am I at Anime Expo, blah blah blah. I came back and finished the rest of the day, not really finishing the second commission due to all the commotion and lack of security Artist Alley was apparently having.

Went to a Persona 3 photoshoot afterward (which means we closed shop a little early), and we made a ton of cool friends. We ate out at a ramen house, and tried to keep our spirits up.

Day 3

Totally snazzed up the table to over 9000!

This was a cool day, considering there were twice as many people as before, and I got to have a handful of commissions. But unfortunately, not as many as I normally get for a Saturday at at convention. Which also brings me to not really want to go to AX next year. . . .

Anyway, I met a bunch of my DA buddies on this day, and made new friends as well :) I met Lanny (lannyworld.com), the awesome peeps at Frost Studios (frostudios.com), talented crocheter AmiAmour (amiamour.com), and grew closer with our behind table buddies, DJ [+his sister] (http://darkkenjie.deviantart.com/). Not to mention I saw Elsa again, along with Yasemin (http://www.artofyasemin.com/), and Janet (http://jandruff.deviantart.com/)

Fun day, fun friends, let's hope this day never ends. @w@;

But it did

Day 4

Wow. Finally, the con is going to be over!


Then it was! Slow day, but still enjoyable. We decided to go out to eat in Pasadena. Then we picked up the PS2 from AJ's house and headed over to mine, where we played Persona 3 all night. And ate cookies. And saw fireworks out of the window. It was special *w*

Dropped Julia off at her hotel and said goodbye ;_;

And that's that~

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Thea said...

That really sucks about your comics being stolen. And it's not even like they have the "excuse" that they're stealing from a faceless corporation. :(