Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wild Western Show-women

Attention ladies and germs! As you know, I'm having the circus come to town... (Above is my silly little ringleader, whom I haven't quite gotten the name for, yet) And for the record, this is no ordinary circus show. It's a Wild West Show!!!

Through lots of research concerning my Wild West Circus story arc (Heroes & Bandits), I stumbled upon some fascinating information about some popular Women Trick Shots!!

Florence Campbell was one of the famous women trick shots in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show... Trick shots, for those who may not know, are shots that are a bit "tricky" to do. Such as, instead of facing a 30 pace target head on, the shooter would still stand 30 paces away, but face the opposite direction and use a mirror to shoot. Though, trick shots could practically be anything that is "tricky" to shoot. Like, lying down, shooting from the floor... Better yet, just look at these fun photos:

Annie Oakley is one of the YOUNGEST trick shooters ever[I think]!!! Apparently she started when she was 12, and joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Chief Sitting Bull (who was good friends with Bill, and who was also well treated and paid) was also a part of the show. He was super fascinated by young Annie, and was good friends with her. Part of the reason why Chief Sitting Bull joined the show, was mostly so that he could watch Annie perform her trick shots. Bill made sure every time Annie was on, Chief Sitting Bull had a clear view of Annie performing :)

Annie was so talented, she could shoot a pipe out of a man's mouth from 30 paces away!

Click here for one of the many sites I got some information (and awesome photos) about Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

And so, in my story there is a young parallel, Fannie Boakley, who is 13.. A little too old for world-wide audience's attention. ; w ;

At least she's just as talented [if not MOREso] as Annie Oakley! ;)

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