Monday, August 09, 2010

SUPER Post-San Diego Comic Con 2010

I had so much fun at this year's Comic Con. It took me a while to write a post about it due to SO MANY things happening right when I came home. I'm in the middle of getting our wedding arranged as well as doctors and dentist appointments before the insurance expires :O

Anyway, onto some fun pictures!

Interesting little specimen, hmm?

I loved these GIGANTIC posters!

Becky and Frank were AWESOME! All three of us had a lovely conversation about New Zealand and Indians and playing cards. Plus Frank gave me a glow stick!!!

Don't forget to find Becky and Frank's work through Tiny Kitten Teeth at these fine locations:
TinyKittenTeeth.com | PocketOwl on DeviantArt | Tiny Kitten Teeth on Facebook

Since I was only at SDCC for one day, I tried to get to as many panels as I could. And the only one during that day that *really* sparked my interest (I'm not into seeing celebs), was attending the 24 Hour Comics Panel. I met some awesome artists there, who shared some lovely tips and tricks... Check out my silly doodles and notes I did during the panel:

Check out Ryan's website, ElephantEater.com! (And to get a glimpse of what he looks like)

As everyone knows, the exhibit hall is such a great place to just... walk around. There is SO MUCH to see. I kept going back, and just LOVED the Toynami booth with the Mameshiba perephinelia all over the place!!!

This was actually my FIRST stop. They ran out of the green Mame's on the second day!??!?! T_T

And to top off the day, I met a LOT of awesome dames who dressed to impress!! Checkit out!!!


Well, after the con, I stayed at Fluffikitten's and C4tsPajamas house... Too bad Fluffi didn't come with to SDCC. She makes a GREAT Harley Quinn!

Anyway. Onto our art jam!!!

We had to draw C4t's character... Which I cannot remember his name right now ;__;

Then onto a raver kitten named Lunchbox

And here I cheated by not showing the jam for my character, Rahki. Instead, here is some lineart *w*


I had so much fun at Comic Con! I can't wait for next year. So far, it hasn't disappointed me, and I look forward to more years at this extraordinary convention!!! :]


X said...

OH MY GOD!! it looks like you had alot of fun, I sure wish i could've gone!

Nat G said...

Oh no! Now there's DRAWN EVIDENCE that I was at con!

That's it - from now on, no artists allowed in the 24 Hour Comics panels!